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Tash is our onsite sports therapist at Hit'n'Fit -Fight Factory gym.  The extreme importance of exercise and ​movement for health, fitness, injury recovery and prevention, is always emphasised to clients. This is a priority alongside the manual therapy. Tash is hands on as a remedial therapist and includes guidance with movement and exercise to achieve better results. Tash specialises in common issues like back, knee and shoulder conditions, chronic pain and tension and even some cases of vertigo. She is qualified in dry needling therapy, cupping and taping. A strong background in Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Dance has helped Tash develop a significant understanding of the function of the body

Tash has been working as a fitness professional for over 20 years. Hands on experience and ongoing study has helped Tash reach higher qualifications as a fitness professional as well as a remedial therapist. Tash is also a certified health and nutrition coach and continues to study nutrition and exercise physiology. Tash is continually gaining up to date knowledge regarding exercise and overall health and wellbeing to help bring the best results to the client.

Tash has taken time to educate herself on the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition which is gaining fast recognition from health professionals for its outstanding health benefits. Improvement in common conditions such as high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure along with weight maintenance is widely being seen with this approach to nutrition.Tash is passionate about helping members achieve optimum health by using a more holistic and preventative approach.

If you are new to exercising, interested in losing weight or nervous about starting Tash will organise a one on one introductory session where a personalised program can be set out to suit you. Private fitness sessions are aimed to help you gain confidence or learn appropriate modifications and technique so you are able to join in the small group sessions at some stage if you wish.

– sessions and treatments may assist with –

*chronic pain management * tension/stress, *general fitness and health, *weight management, *injury recovery *vertigo*range of movement and mobility *beginner exerciser *senior exerciser *strength, *balance *fall prevention *chronic disease prevention

*Vegan Australia listed practitioner -

(Whole Food Plant Based Health)

*Certified Nutrition & Health Coach