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Beginner and Injury recovery clients are welcome! 

However we encourage you to chat to us as to find the best option to get you started.

(Induction &/or private session/s may be required before group participation)


Functional training involves training your body for optimum performance for the movement patterns used in your everyday life.  Whether you want to develop, improve or maintain a truly fit lifestyle or whether you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, functional training has shown outstanding benefits for fully body functionality!

Varied exercises and equipment are used to make each session fun and challenging.  Class programs are created with muscle strength and endurance, power and agility, cardiovascular intervals and range of motion in mind.  Prehab moves and dynamic warm ups are included such as range of motion, mobility exercises unilateral training to improve imbalances, enhance performance and prevent injury.  Core stability is emphasised through the upper and lower body working together.

TOTAL FIT  A total body functional workout incorporating portions of muscle strength and endurance, cardio intervals, agility and unilateral training.  A varied structure to each session using different circuit styles and equipment to push you to your individual top performance level.

BARBELL FIT  Full body resistance where every movement plane is attacked using free and body weight training. Improve general muscle strength, endurance and function.  This session incorporates metabolic circuits, plyometrics and interval sets to keep your body challenged.

FLOW FIT  A balanced mobile body performs best.  Build optimum shoulder, back, neck and core function.  Work on common areas of concern such as ankle, hip and knee stability.   Recover faster and prevent injury.  Whether to enhance your training performance or for every day function, this session will take your individual goal and ability to another level!

BOXFIT Combines vey basic kickboxing combinations and drills. Cardio, strength and core bursts of boxing and functional exercises.  Build and maintain general cardiovascular fitness, coordination and strength. Come by yourself or bring a partner.

POWER FIT Conditioning strength training work, body weight moves to work periods and hard-earned recovery periods that may involve supersets, tri sets or drop sets to help develop and maintain the strength patterns needed in everyday life.  This session will help you reach our individual peak performance level fast!

MUAY THAI A Combat kickboxing sport of Thailand making use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Train for fitness, defence or to fight in the ring. Classes consist of pad work, bags, sparring drills, circuits and more to build your fighting ability, self-defence and fitness. Check the timetable for sparring specific classes.  We welcome all levels from beginner to the advanced fighter. Trainers highly experienced and qualified.

KIDS KICKBOXING Basic Kickboxing training. Kids learn punching & kicking combinations, some sparring, technique as well as Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness drills plus stretching in a safe, fun environment. Kids can kick and punch their way to fitness whilst developing a healthy mind and body. * Run during school term- concession fees apply.

BRAZILIAN JUI JITSU  Learn the fundamentals of this martial art and combat sport.  Increase fitness, focus, skill and self defence.  A great compliment to your Muay Thai fight training where the skill of ground fighting and submission holds are practiced. 

OPEN GYM SESSION - Workout on your own or with friends during these times.

* A 30 min induction session or clearance with a trainer is required before participating.

Classes and Instructors are subject to change

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See our online booking system, text or call to book your classes

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