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Beginner and Injury recovery clients are welcome and encouraged to chat to us as to find the best option to get you started.

(Induction session may be required before group participation)

-Conducted in smaller groups so a focus on technique can remain-

-Safe exercises that can be modified to suit your level-

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS This class varies with a mix of methods like metabolic, HIIT, plyometric, heavier sets and other functional moves to keep your body challenged and avoid plateaus. A great training mix involving stints on the bike, free weight and body weight training. Different approaches may be used like various circuit styles, varied reps or timed workouts. Use of equipment like ropes, fit balls, suspension ropes, kettlebells and step-based moves may be incorporated along with some rehab moves for common issues like knees and shoulders. The functional training aspect assists in everyday movement as well as prevention of injury and falls. Great for overall fitness, bone health, muscle strength & endurance as well as balance and core. Safe modifications for ALL levels.

BARBELL STRENGTH  A full body workout where every movement plane is attacked using free and body weight training. Regular attendance will help improve general strength and function within the body to help avoid common health issues and prevent injury. This class assists to create strong, lean muscle development to help burn fat. Some of the class may be done to motivating music with tempo variation, speeds and rep counts to keep your body challenged. A short blast of varied training may be thrown in such as an ab blast, metabolic fat burner, circuit or heavy-set challenge to keep you on your toes. Varied methods included such as metabolic, isometric and plyometric training.


PILATES REHAB & MOBILITY A low impact class incorporating exercises to build strength, stability, mobility and flexibility. May include some of the beneficial and safe yoga strength and flexibility movements as well as simple Pilates based movements to improve mobility, flexibility and core strength. More focused rehab movements are included for common injury areas like knees, hips, lower back and neck. Great for anyone recovering from injury or preventing common issues that develop in the body. Although a lower impact session, it is very beneficial to those who participate in advanced training to enhance performance and prevent injury. Modifications are given where needed to suit all levels or for those recovering from an injury.

YOGA/PILATES FLOW A blended class that flows through the beneficial & safe Yoga moves with more focus on mobility and strength. A variety of Pilates and rehab exercises are included Build strength, stability and flexibility. Great for those who like to move a little faster but still want the great benefits that Yoga and Pilates moves are famous for.

HIIT'N'BOX Build or maintain general strength and endurance fitness. Combines very basic kickboxing combinations and drills along with cardio, strength and core bursts using functional and weight-based training help create fast results. Great for all levels to vary your fitness session and keep you motivated. If you're looking to join our beginner Muay Thai sessions or can't make your usual session this class will keep you on track.

FUNCTIONAL CIRCUIT Work against the clock, circuit style functional training, using body weight exercises and equipment such as kettlebells and ropes. Varied sessions designed to strengthen and condition the whole body. Functional training to improve strength, endurance, balance and agility. Varied circuit style training including timed circuits, metabolic circuits/ endurance. circuit may also be conducted in your fitness or Muay Thai session to add variety and challenge the body differently.

MUAY THAI A Combat kickboxing sport of Thailand making use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Train for fitness, defence or to fight in the ring. Classes consist of pad work, bags, sparring drills, circuits and more to build your fighting ability, self-defence and fitness. We welcome all levels from beginner to the advanced fighter. Trainers highly experienced and qualified.

OPEN MUAY THAI - Open training session for all levels.

KIDS Kickboxing - Basic Kickboxing training. Kids learn punching & kicking combinations, some sparring, technique as well as Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness drills plus stretching in a safe, fun environment. Kids can kick and punch their way to fitness whilst developing a healthy mind and body.

* Run during school term- concession fees apply.

OPEN GYM SESSION - Workout on your own or with friends during these times.

* A 30 min induction session with a trainer is required before participating.

Classes and Instructors are subject to change

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